Drought-Resistant Plants Your Garden Should Have

16 February 2022

Some popular choices are: Lomandra longifolia, Lavandula Dentata, Agave Attenuata, Westringia, and agapanthus orientalis. These plants require little attention for their care.

Having a garden that stays green

With high resistance to drought, your garden plants will have a much higher survival rate even without much upkeep. This means that the garden can stay consistently green even during the unusually hot summer days and weeks.

For example, the Lomandra longifolia (Spiney-headed mat rush) can tolerate even our harsh Australian conditions. Once established, it can tolerate drought even in semi-shade and full sun situations. One reason for the plant’s survival is because it’s native to Australia. This means it has survived and evolved according to our unique and harsh environmental conditions, which is also the case with other native plants.

Westringias are also native plants that are highly resistant to drought. For example, the Westringia fruticosa can also tolerate almost any situation. This makes it ideal for Australian gardens because of fewer worries about their survival. Aside from being drought-resistant, another good characteristic is that it looks well in both small gardens and large landscapes.

Cacti and succulents still top the list when it comes to drought resistance. They can tolerate unusually high temperatures and require minimal watering. However, many of us still go to other options because of aesthetics, conventional beliefs and safety concerns.

Having drought-resistant plants will help make the garden stay green even during droughts and lack of maintenance. Although some care and maintenance are still required, the garden won’t look much neglected even if you miss some times and days for watering. However, these plants still require special attention in two to three weeks after planting. It takes time for them to acclimate and get established. Once established, they will be able to tolerate harsh environmental conditions that will challenge most other plants.

If you require more information about plants that are highly resistant to drought or ones that require little water and maintenance, you can enquire today here at Able Nursery. We can assist you in choosing the right plants for your garden. For more than 25 years, we have been working alongside garden enthusiasts, councils and landscapers.