English Country Gardens

13 January 2022

Covid 19 has certainly had an impact on everyone of us. Luckily though, lockdowns and closures mean more time to spend in the garden! If you are interested in sprucing up your garden, why not read on and learn some tips on how you can make your very own English country garden.

The borders

English country gardens are built around formality, neatly clipped hedges, and a clearly defined plan. They all start with nice dense hedges, acting as borders, creating the bones of the garden. Using topiary plants and compact hedges such as Buxus, build a symmetrical structure around the edges of your garden. These usually act as a path leading the center or the feature, which we will touch on shortly.

The ‘wow’ factor

Plants featuring vibrant colors can be added, whether its lush swathes of purple Lavender enclosing an area, a trellis featuring climbing roses, or a deciduous tree. Color creates the extra ‘wow’ factor and brightens up what would otherwise be a fairly bland, green garden.

The feature

Be sure to sure to have a feature as the focal point of your garden, whether it’s a topiary plant, a water feature, or a statue. While it doesn’t have to be large, it is an important aspect as it adds the classic, classy English country garden feel. If you have the space, it is also a good idea to add seating throughout the garden. This is because the traditional English country gardens are designed for large estates, where guests meandered through the garden, making seating an important feature.


The final aspect of this garden is to enjoy it! Whether it’s a warm summers day or a cooler winter evening, gardens are made to be enjoyed. So, grab a drink, fold out the deck chair and admire your garden – it is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood.