Green Wall Project Case Study

6 November 2021

Able Nursery were approached by a company based in Brisbane who specialise in green-wall design and installation. As it was the ‘busy season’ for our industry, this company was looking to find a nursery who was capable of potting and supplying plants for the wall. When approached, the team at Able Nursery had very limited experience in potting and handling green-wall plants and potting media. After some thorough research and engaging with those familiar to the industry, we commenced a grow on program. 4 months later, Able Nursery supplied over 1000 green-wall plants for a unit block in Melbourne, Australia. The final results were stunning!

What the client needed

  • Plants that were suitable for growing on a green-wall.
  • Hardy plants that were capable of thriving indoors.
  • Large quantities of each plant species.
  • Availability of stock within 4 months of placing the order.
  • Plants to be potted into suitable green-wall media.
  • Stock required in green-wall pots.

What challenges the project presented

  • Working to a building contractors time constraint.
  • Unfamiliar with handling green-wall pots and potting media.
  • Sourcing large quantities of the plants required.
  • Storage of the stock during the pre-grow period.
  • Ensuring the plants remained healthy throughout winter.

What we did

  • Maintained close communication with all parties involved throughout the project.
  • Propagated more stock to fulfill required quantities by the expected delivery date.
  • Used our extensive network system to source tube stock of plants we don’t usually grow.  These were potted on according to the client’s plant schedule.
  • Impressed the client!