How to guide for planting

28 September 2016


  1. The distinctive advantage of buying container grown plants from Able Nursery, is that it allows you to set out the plants in their pots, determining the best arrangement. Our pots are hard and sturdy, and can withstand you changing your mind many times! It is best to do this whilst they are still in their pots, so there is minimal impact on the plant.


  1. Once you have decided the best position for your plants, dig a hole that is the same depth as the container. This will ensure that the roots will not be sticking up above ground.  Remove any hard objects from the hole such as rocks, giving your plant the best possible chance to fit right into its new home.


  1. This is the most crucial part of the planting process, as the plant can become damaged. Loosen the plant from the pot by gently squeezing the sides, separating the roots/dirt from the side of the pot.  Then slide it out slowly, tapping the bottom of the pot if necessary.


  1. Place the plant in the prepared hole, and place additional soil around the roots. Then water around the plant so the soil is moist and slightly compacted.  Continue to water at regular intervals, as necessary.


Spring is a great time to establish new garden beds, plant just about anything, spruce up neglected areas and give the garden its once-a-year feed of fertiliser.  Now it’s time to plant trees, shrubs and annuals. Remove plants that have died or are past their best, or extend your garden to accommodate new plantings.