Michelton Housing Project

6 November 2021

The time had come for one of our clients, a landscaping contractor, to complete the new building project at Michelton Life Cycle Housing with the installation of gardens and walkways. Able Nursery was there to help; we know from firsthand experience, what landscaper’s expectations are of the plant material required for landscape architectural projects.

What the client needed
  • Plants that required little maintenance and were suitable for urban environments.
  • A variety of ground covers, small shrubs and tufting plants.
  • Large quantities of each plant species.
  • Availability of stock within eight weeks of order confirmation.
  • Plants with mature root systems and ready for planting to ensure a high survival rate after planting.
What challenges the project presented
  • We didn’t have enough stock of some varieties at the time of enquiry/confirmation order.
  • Time line for contract growing was very tight.
  • Keep within the landscaper’s budget.
  • Not all the plants on the clients schedule were Able Nursery stock items.
  • Sourcing of some tube stock to contract grow.
What we did
  • Propagated more stock to fulfill required quantities by the expected delivery date.
  • Used our extensive network system to source tube stock of plants we don’t usually grow.  These were potted on according to the client’s plant schedule.
  • Production team managed propagation and maintained stock through to completion providing high quality plants.
  • Supplied all plants on time, on budget and on specific dates.