Pinkenba Warehouse

13 January 2022

Able Nursery were approached by a landscaper to quote on a project for a new warehouse development at Pinkenba, North Brisbane. After tendering successfully for the project, Able Nursery despatched 6000 plants over 3 stages, spanning over a 4 month period. The final result were thriving gardens, with very happy clients.

What the client needed

  • Top quality stock.
  • Hardy plants low maintenance.
  • Large quantities of each plant species.
  • Stock to be despatched over a 4 month period.
  • Plants to be delivered by the Able Nursery delivery team.

What challenges the project presented

  • Large number of plants required.
  • Rain delays, meaning project deadlines were delayed.
  • Coordinating the delivery of the project.

What we did

  • Maintained close communication with all parties involved throughout the project.
  • Commenced a pre-grow to ensure we had the specified stock at the required time.
  • Supplied all plants on time and as specified by the client.