Starting a garden in Queensland

28 February 2017

February is the perfect time of year to start a garden in Queensland.   The worst of the heat is over and your garden will be established and thriving when winter rolls around.


  1. Your ideas. What sort of garden are you dreaming of?  Flower garden, vegetable garden or herb garden?  Be clear on your idea as it could be costly to change your mind halfway through the project. Contact our friendly staff so they can help turn your vision into reality!


  1. Location, location, location. The location of your garden is one of the most important factors to consider.  Depending on the type of garden & plants you have selected (full sun, partial sun, full sha) will help determine the location of your garden.  If possible, have it within general eyesight of the common areas within your home.  Simply seeing your garden will prompt you to care for it – you know the saying, ‘’Out of sight, out of mind’’!


  1. Caring for your garden. Considering the care that your garden may need is a great idea before you begin.  If you are a working long hours with little time spent at home, a high maintenance garden may not be what you are looking for.  If you’re retired and enjoy spending a lot of time in your garden, then having a garden that needs close attention might be the one for you.


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