Summer garden care tips

31 January 2017

Long swims at the beach, blistering hot days, cold beers & bare feet sounds like summer in Queensland.  With summer comes the long-awaited holiday period where we can pack up and bask in the glorious weather.  However, there is one important thing that we must not forget! Our gardens at home still need to be cared for to ensure they thrive throughout the summer.


  1. Water

It might seem obvious, but we all need a little reminder in the hustle and bustle of holidays.  Watering is essential for the survival of your garden, don’t rely on rainfall to take care of this.  Giving the garden a thorough soak in the morning will help it stay cooler during the day.  If you aren’t home, sprinkler systems with self-timing taps will take care of this for you.


  1. Lengthier lawn

During summer, the extra watering causes Queensland lawns to grow rapidly, making it hard for us to keep up with the mowing.  But wait!  Don’t go and cut the grass down to little stalks thinking it will save you from mowing for a while.  Doing this exposes the roots to the unforgiving sun, and it will dry out quickly.


  1. Fertilising

All plants can do with the extra nutrition, especially throughout the Queensland hot summer days.  Fertilising your garden with Seasol or the equivalent will help your garden survive and thrive.


Seasol 500mL front 2014_1