Weed control and prevention in your garden

31 May 2017

Is it a weed or is it a flower?  Read on to discover methods of removal, control and prevention.

Types of weeds:

There are many types of weeds that manage to find their way into our gardens, therefore, weed control and prevention in your garden is essential.  Weeds can be easy categorised into seed-based weeds and those with underground roots.   Although the seeded weeds are easily to remove, and seeds that blow away in the wind can easily take up root and reappear in a short period of time.  The weeds with strong underground roots, easily re-shoot in a short period of time if they haven’t been removed properly.   Both types of weeds prove to be an unwanted pest in our gardens!

Weeding tips:

If you are weeding a vegetable garden, it is not recommended that you use a chemical based substance to kill the weeds, due to the adverse effect on the vegetables.  Prime time for weeding a garden is immediately after rainfall or watering to your garden.  The softness of the soil will enable you to pull out the weeds and roots in their entirety.  It is extremely important that all roots are removed as your hard work can be undone as the result of roots

Method of weed prevention:

Adding organic garden mulch to your garden proves to be beneficial in many ways.   This mulch will assist in suppressing weed germination, whilst also providing organic matter and conserving moisture.  Organic garden mulch can include a wide range of items from compost grass clippings to chopped leaves.

Common Weeds:



Creeping Charlie

creeping charlie



Day Flower

Day flower

Poke weed