Popular new species at Able Nursery – Red cats tail!

19 August 2016

In the expansion of our wonderful nursery, we have started to grow these popular plants, Red cats tail.  They are adding another burst of colour to our day!


A shrub with red tassel flowers that appear from summer to autumn.  This eye-catching plant is a low maintenance feature plant, looking good in mass planting or along a border.

Botanical name: Acalypha reptans

Common name: Red cats tail

Plant height: up to 0.5m
Plant spread: up to 0.4m
Care and Maintenance

  • Easy care, low maintenance
  • Prefer fertile, well drained soil
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Flowering from summer to autumn
  • Good garden feature plant, mass planting or along a border


  • Can be grown in either sun or shade, preferring dappled sun
  • Can be planted in any season
  • This plant can be used as an indoor plant, however it must be given sunlight from time to time

IMG_5874 (640x427)Acalypha
Acalypha 3

acalypha 4